Why I'm a Proud Republican

Republicanism is often distorted in today’s news media and is misunderstood even within modern Republican Party circles.

I am proud to be a Republican because it is the party that abolished slavery, gave women the right to vote, freed Cuba from Spanish rule, and built the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, and the U.S. interstate highway system. Republicans have accomplished many great things in the name of liberty and ingenuity for America.

Why I’m a Republican? because I believe in truth, freedom, opportunity, and compassion. I believe that Republicans guard against corruption, incentivize individual initiative, and protect those who can’t protect themselves. You see, Republicanism was founded on the notion that the minority needed a champion to protect them from the “tyranny of the majority.” Today we are seeing a new tyranny...a tyranny of the entitled, special interest group. Those individuals who seek to divide our country instead of unite her.

Many in Michigan are frustrated with politicians and politics as usual. We’ve lost our way as a society. Politicians have replaced compassion with punishment, opportunity with control, freedom with regulatory mandates, and truth with absurd rationale. Political pundits blame, ridicule, and attack to gain attention and promote themselves to garner media attention, and we tune in to watch the spectacle. Political provocateurs troll social media to create chaos and distort the truth to prevent genuine political discourse, and we become agitated and storm to social media to announce our displeasure.

Throughout history, Republicans fought for individual rights and freed the oppressed. Today, Republicans must free America from the oppression of misinformation, ambiguity, and distraction. We must hold true to the vision of Republican Democracy—liberty, individual rights, and equal protection under the law.

How do you know that I’m a Republican, because I live by the Special Forces motto “De Opresso Liber”—free the oppressed. I served my country as a Green Beret to protect those who could not protect themselves, and I want to serve again to protect Michiganders from an inept bureaucracy and dangerous political ideologues.

I am a proud Republican, and I’m running for State Representative to protect liberty, re-invigorate American ingenuity, and unite our country under the banner of decency and commonsense. While many politicians try to fracture our state, I want to unite Michiganders under a common purpose— to rebuild our infrastructure, restore innovation and industry, reduce wasteful spending, and return opportunity to the mitten.

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