Rebuilding America

After the recent attacks in Orlando, America can no longer remain divided as a Nation. We can no longer afford nor tolerate those who seek to divide us on both sides of the political aisle. We can no longer allow the news media and social media to create friction between the various fabrics of our diverse and great society.

The global war on terrorism is a conflict of identity. It is a war that perpetuates the concept that if you are not like me and don’t believe the way that I do, then you are the enemy and must be destroyed.

Today in America, people use diversity as a tool to settle grievances and to attack those that see the world differently. America has always been a great melting pot of different cultures, tastes, and textures. Our greatest strength—our individuality—is now being used against us to quiet the voices of freedom.

America faces a new tyranny--one of misinformation and division. Our conflict is one of uniting a diverse population under the banner of respect and understanding. We need to celebrate our differences and not use those differences as weapons against our fellow Americans.

Recently, I was on a flight to Chicago and the fractures of our society became all too real. A young African American lady and a Caucasian gentlemen became entwined in a disagreement. Why? Because the background noise in American culture separates Americans based on color, sexual orientation, and religious preferences. There was no compassion, no understanding, no tolerance. It became clear that both parties wanted to prove that they would not become intimidated by the other. It was a sad day. Even more disturbing, while sitting in the airport, CNN reported the shooting in the Orlando night club.

The news media immediately staked their claim on the various ideological threads that generate viewership and social media buzz. Both the right and left, began spinning their talking points. The truth is that people died. Americans were killed by a fellow American. It doesn’t matter if you identify as Muslim or Christian, LGBT or Straight, Caucasian or Other, we all bleed red. America suffered a great loss because we lost our brothers and sisters at the hands of a fellow American.

We need to remember that Americans believe in justice, in mercy, in opportunity. We are the most understanding and giving nation in the world. We’ve fought to free people from oppression and liberate countries from tyranny. America is not a racist, sexist, homophobic, or bigoted country.

We may look different, talk different, and think different, but we must always be united in one simple cause—to respect and honor each other’s differences and individual freedoms.

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